Monday, April 23, 2012

How 12 Schools Are Using Khan Academy Right Now

1. Los Altos School District

If there’s a model of a school using Khan Academy, it’s this Silicon Valley-adjacent school district. The district is participating in a pilot program in partnership with the developers at Khan Academy, and the results of student experiences with the videos and learning tools are being closely monitored. So far, things seem promising and the school has recently expanded the Khan program to all schools and a wider range of grade levels. [snip]

2. Franklin Elementary School

Franklin Elementary in Franklin, Connecticut is seeking out new and innovative ways to bring online learning into the traditional classroom. In 2012, the school began using Khan Academy in their sixth, seventh, and eighth grade math classes. So far, both teachers and students have been happy with the results. Teachers feel it has helped them to better assess student abilities and focus on helping students where they need it most. Students have reported that the Khan programs have helped improve their math performance ... . [snip].

3. Minola School District

With the launch of the new iPad app for Khan Academy, it’s easier than ever for teachers to bring the resources it has to offer into the classroom. One school district making use of both the tablets and the online education site is Minola School District in New York. Elementary and middle school students within the district are using Khan Academy on their iPads to watch videos and play math-related games that earn them rewards as they progress. [snip].

4. Envision Academy

Envision is one of four charter schools in Northern California that’s experimenting with Khan Academy in its academic programs. Last summer, the school ran a small program for remedial algebra students using Khan materials, a pilot which was largely successful. The school’s chief academic officer, Brian Greenberg, says students respond so well to the Khan material because they get “instant feedback” through tracking accomplishment and progress and by earning badges. [snip]

5. Apple Valley School District

The Apple Valley School District is using Khan Academy in its math classes, but they’ve chosen to combine it with another teaching tool, Accelerated Math, to get even more out of the videos and programs offered. The combination allows teachers to connect videos and lessons from the Khan Academy site directly to district and statewide objectives for learning, ... . [snip].

6. Mt. Ararat Middle School

Based in Topsham, Maine, this middle school is embracing Khan Academy in a pilot set of math classrooms this year. Students will be using the math videos posted at Khan to learn new concepts while also completing problem sets, both in the classroom and at home for practice. [snip].

7. Bubb Elementary School

Gayle Dyer is bringing a host of online and high-tech tools into the classroom for her fifth grade students at Bubb Elementary School to use. Students can play and learn on iPads and through educational content on YouTube and Khan Academy. [snip].

 8.Summit Preparatory School

Summit is one of a number of California charter schools making Khan a part of their everyday classroom experience. The school is splitting up lessons between those that are teacher-led and those that are computer-based, allowing students to get feedback from both their teacher and the online Khan programs. [snip].

 9. Hope Technology School

This private school in Palo Alto uses small classes (only 12-13 students) and the latest technology to help both typical learners and those with special needs thrive in a classroom setting. One of the newest tools being tried out in Hope classrooms is Khan Academy. Hope is unique among schools trying out Khan because nearly 40% of its students have special needs and require special accommodations in the classroom and during testing. [snip].

10. Mt. Lebanon High School

Math classes at Mt. Lebanon are fully embracing the idea of the flipped classroom, with students watching lectures as homework and getting help from their teacher to work on problem sets in class. A big help to this process has been Khan Academy, which was the inspiration for teachers to create their own Khan-like programs for students. [snip].

11. Fitzgerald Public Schools

 Students at Chatterton Middle School in the Fitzgerald Public School District are using Khan Academy to work at their own pace in math classes in a program called Tier Math. Students begin the course at their own level and work through at a pace that is comfortable for them, progressing through lectures and problem sets using Khan Academy resources online. [snip].

12. Acton Academy

Acton Academy is making great strides in bringing adaptive educational technologies into the classroom. The school not only uses Khan Academy, but also Manga High and Jili Math to help students work at their own pace and review material that they may not have grasped. [snip].

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