Saturday, April 14, 2012

Minerva Project

The Minerva Project is the first elite American University to be launched in a century. Minerva's philosophy transforms every aspect of the university-student relationship in anticipation of students' changing needs in an evolving world. Across a full life cycle of admission to instruction to post graduation support, The Minerva Project is rethinking the role of an elite institution of higher learning.
  • In the admissions process, The Minerva Project relies strictly on the world's most demanding intellectual standards, while giving no weight to lineage, athletic ability, state or country of origin, or capacity to donate.
  • Minerva acknowledges that the Internet will continue to see a proliferation of free, high quality knowledge available to all. Minerva's pedagogical role is to deliver only the most rigorous, analytical courses that synthesize such knowledge to prepare students to thrive in the real world.
  • The Minerva Project will be fully invested in its students' future success as they apply their studies to become inspirational leaders and innovators. It is committed to making the world's newest elite undergraduate experience affordable. The Minerva Project will also commit substantial resources not only to career services for current students, but to supporting its alumni throughout their careers with academic programs, personal publicity, and active participation in career management.

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