Thursday, April 19, 2012

Udemy: The Academy of You

Udemy's goal is to disrupt and democratize the world of education by enabling anyone to teach and learn online.
Just as blogging democratized the publishing industry (enabling anyone to instantly become a journalist), Udemy seeks to dramatically change education by empowering millions of experts around the world to teach & share what they know.
We've built an incredible platform that makes it easy for anyone to build an online course. Instructors can use video, PowerPoint, PDFs, audio, zip files and live classes to quickly build a course and share their expertise.
Students can take courses across a great breadth of categories, including: business & entrepreneurship, academics, the arts, health & fitness, language, music, technology, games, and more.
Most courses on Udemy are free, but some are paid. Paid courses typically range in price from $5 - $250.


Each course is a curated collection of videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, documents, articles, links, pictures, and live sessions all formed into a series of "chapters" and "lectures."





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