Sunday, May 13, 2012

EU’s Erasmus Prepares College Rankings, MOOC Class Rivals To Udacity, edX, Coursera

By Paul Glader, Managing Editor of WiredAcademic

COPENHAGEN – EU education officials are closely watching digital education trends in the United States and planning several digital initiatives of their own, ranging from college rankings to creating a portal for open educational resources such as MOOCs – massive online open courses – from top European universities.


Language could be a barrier but Erasmus could help create an English language portal of classes as well as several other language portals starting in 2014. He said the EU Commission is also interested in creating more partnerships between universities using technology.

The Erasmus project will also launch a web interface for interested students that ranks and provides in-depth information in many categories for the roughly 4,000 education institutions approved in the Erasmus program. It would list existing rankings for the schools as well as blend in Erasmus’ own data on how good the schools are at research, transferring knowledge, regional engagement and other categories.


The heart of the program has always been creating mobility for students to interact with people and ideas from other places. Some Erasmus faculty believe the organization should not lose focus on that mission as it looks at e-learning and digital initiatives.


Natascha Sander, a spokeswoman for Erasmus, said the virtual campuses and learning will be a very big part of Erasmus efforts in the future. [snip].


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