Thursday, May 31, 2012

Non-U.S-based MOOCs / Digital Badges ?


I am greatly interested in learning about any / all non-U.S.-based Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and / or digital badge and similar educational initiatives.

Please post as a comment on this posting.

Thanks !



  1. Gerry-
    Thanks for all your alted posts on Web4Lib. Much of what you post is germane to my research area.

    I'm starting to incorporate badges (albeit probably a bit poorly) into my course site - but at UW-Madison, not international. The class starts June 19th, so there isn't a whole lot of activity yet. Feel free to peruse

    I imagine you were looking for institutional badge programs, but there's something to be said about course badges as motivational tools.

    ~Kyle Jones~

  2. Hi Gerry,

    I've only found US and Canadian MOOCs so far, I'm in Australia and I don't think they're even on the radar here. If you know of anyone researching this area in Australia I would be very interested for my own research.

    -Paul Sijpkes

  3. Hello!
    Perhaps you already know about the initiative at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada: Also, the UPEI launched an "x" site based roughly on MOOCs: More details on my "work" blog:
    Kind regards,
    Olivier Charbonneau
    Associate Librarian, Concordia University (Montréal) /

  4. I have two pieces from Germany:

    1) Open Course (hashtags: #opco11 & #opco12)
    A mooc in it's second year on the "future of learning" and "trends in e-learning"

    2) (Blended) Open Course Workplace Learning 2011 (hashtag: #ocwl11)
    An offline university course open to online participants. Very interesting!!! (concept overview in German; contact: Dr. Johannes Moskaliuk,


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