Friday, June 15, 2012

Virtual Worlds MOOC Nominated > A Virtual Worlds, Games and Education Tour ... Nominated for Best Educational Event in a Virtual World 2011-12

It was 4 weeks of touring virtual worlds, making Machinima, playing World of Warcraft, peeking in at EVEOnline and pushing our intellect limits during bleeding edge week.

This MOOC or OOC (79 was the final count) was a combination of online/inworld/in game synchronous and asynchronous course at P2PU.

Congratulations to the facilitators (formal and informal) who were nominated by the readers of the Virtual Education Journal.

  • Tours – Aevalle Galicia ( Stasia Weston )
  • Machinima – Tanya “GridJumper” Smedley ( Tanya Martin )
  • World of Warcraft – Kavon Zenovka ( Kae Novak )
  • Bleeding Edge – Abacus Capalini ( Chris Luchs )
  • Social Network Knowledge Construction Strategists – Cat Thexios ( Catherine Flippen )  and BlueBarker Lowtide (Vasili Giannoutsos )

Special thank you to our speakers!

Cynthia Calgone, Beverly MacArthur and John Carter McKnight

and our Colleagues in Cognitive Dissonance Guild, Inevitiable Betrayal Guild and 3D Games Lab


  • Kate, Laura and Mrs. Hagerty aka “The Hagerty Women- “For the Horde”
  • Melody Collier ( Zarr )  and Peggy Sheehy ( Maratsade ) “For the Alliance”


  • A shout to Dr. Lisa Dawley’s Social Network Knowledge Construction Matrix
  • Thank you to Barbara Truman and Francisca Yonekura for the phrase “lurk and learn.”
  • and to Jerry Buchko and Izzylander Karu for doing so much more than lurking and learnin




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