Friday, October 19, 2012

The 'Cost Disease' in Higher Education: Is Technology the Answer?

Table of Contents

1 Costs and Productivity in Higher Education
3 Cost Trends, the “Cost Disease,” and Productivity in Higher Education
7 Factors Other than the Cost Disease Pushing Up Educational Costs
11 Affordability
14 Is There a Serious Problem—Even a Crisis?
17 Endnotes
24 Prospects for an Online Fix: Can We Harness Technology in the Service of Our Aspirations?
26 Background
27 The Lack of Hard Evidence
31 The Need for Customizable, Sustainable Platforms (Tool Kits)
34 The Need for New Mindsets and Fresh Thinking about Decision-Making
36 What Must We Retain?
39 Appendix: The Online Learning Landscape
42 Endnotes

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