Monday, November 12, 2012

A Dot-Com Entrepreneur's Wild Ambition: Drive Education Costs to Zero

A Dot-Com Entrepreneur's Ambition: Drive Education Costs to Zero 1Michael Saylor, chief executive of MicroStrategy, whose online education company seeks to offer no-cost courses to the world: Traditional teaching is like "giving people thousands of rubber mallets and asking them to drill a hole through a mountain. We need nitroglycerine."


His "nitroglycerine" is, a nonprofit online university he backs as sole trustee of the Saylor Foundation. Saylor's model is to offer students a free, one-stop shop for self-paced college courses. aggregates free content offered by open-source providers like MIT OpenCourseWare and Open Yale Courses, and groups it so that students can pursue a continuous sequence of courses in a major.

The model takes a different approach than that of high-profile providers of massive open online courses, or MOOC's, mainly in its role as an aggregator of online content into comprehensive courses. Instead of following a professor through a series of video lectures and peer-graded exercises on Coursera, for example, students in Saylor courses read, listen to, and watch material from different sources and grade themselves using answer keys.


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