Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Khan Academy Releases New App for iPhone & iPod Touch, Giving You Mobile Access to 3600 Videos


While there is a healthy amount of skepticism about the efficacy of Khan’s methods, there’s no shortage of demand for the kind of instruction he offers to students all over the world. To further meet that demand, Khan Academy has just released an app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Unlike the app released this past March for the iPad, the iPhone version does not allow interactivity. Users can view videos but cannot, as with the iPad app, download playlists, read subtitles, and log progress, making this version “more for consumption rather than full interaction.” Nevertheless, and whether critics like it or not, this represents a further step for distance learning, as education increasingly moves out of the classroom and into the handheld devices of networks of students no longer restricted by geography or physical mobility.

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