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Free Webinar > MOOCs: An Evolving Model of Curriculum Delivery and Assessment > November 13 2012 > 1 PM EDT

Time: November 13, 2012 from 1:00 - 2:00 EDT

Organized By: Una Daly, Director of Community College Outreach

Event Description

Please join the Community College Consortium at Open Courseware on Tuesday, November 13, 1:00 pm Eastern for a webinar on Massively Online Open Courses (MOOCs).

MOOCs have been a hot topic in the higher education blogosphere for the last year but how do you separate the fact from the fiction and should your college be participating in the latest trend for online content delivery and credentialing of student learning.  You will hear from both a professor who is currently teaching a MOOC at University of Central Florida to one who analyzes emerging business models at British Columbia Institute of  Technology.   In addition, we will have the president of Open Study, an educational technology start-up, who will share how their peer mentoring model can support the students who enroll in MOOCs.

Carol Edwards, Business Professor at British Columbia Institute of Technology and Business Analyst.  Carol investigated MOOCs for her institution looking at it from a student centric and organizational business model viewpoint and will share with you what she found.

Dr. Preetha Ram, Co-founder of OpenStudy and Dean at Emory College.  Preetha’s company OpenStudy promotes online peer mentoring for enhanced student learning.  She will share their research findings on how peer mentoring can enhance students learning with MIT Open Courseware and  MOOCs.

Dr. Kelvin Thompson, Blended Learning MOOC Instructor, Professor at University of Central Florida.  Kelvin will share his findings from teaching a Blended Learning Faculty Development course as a MOOC both in summer and fall of 2012 with Dr. Linda Futch at University of Central Florida.   He will share lessons learned and what it takes to make a MOOC an effective learning experience.


No pre-registration necessary.  On the day of the webinar, ... click on the webinar page (see below) to login  and then press the Connect button.

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