Thursday, December 27, 2012

All MOOCs, All The Time: Debating, Debriefing and Defining the Learning Trend of 2012 (and Beyond?)

My name is Rolin Moe, and I am a doctoral student at Pepperdine University studying Learning Technologies.  My dissertation (I am also blogging about the process of writing a dissertation) focuses on the phenomenon of free and ubiquitous online learning/education, most recently imagined in the form of Massively Open Online Courses, colloquially known as MOOCs.  I am interested in how learning occurs in these environment, the theory and pedagogy behind learning endeavors, how such theory interacts with the other theories and systems associated with MOOCs (economic, social, technological, class, etc.), and whether the intended learning theories are those utilized by the student members.  As this term and phenomenon coalesces into a more definitive terminology, I am interested in which iteration will dominate the field, and what will happen to the other interpretations.

This website is designed to compile any and all resources about MOOCs — theory, research, PR, debate, etc.  As curator, I am not sure if I will look at each link from an educational perspective, but my primary interest is in how media reflections and communicated beliefs interact with intended and actual learning theory.



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