Friday, December 14, 2012

Seminar > Online and Open-Access Learning in Higher Education: MOOCs, New Pedagogies and Business Models > February 5 2013 > London

This one-day seminar is aimed at senior managers and policy makers in higher education, as well as other stakeholders and innovators in both the public and private sectors. It will take a critical look at the current surge of online and open-access higher education in the US, as well as its emergence in the UK and elsewhere. What does it have to offer – to students and to universities seeking to adapt to this new landscape?

  • To evaluate critically case studies in the rapidly unfolding landscape of online, hybrid and open-access learning, including MOOCs
  • To participate in discussions with practitioners of online, hybrid and open-access learning
  • To consider how these transformations are already affecting higher education provision in the US, UK and elsewhere, and to examine institutional responses
  • To evaluate the potential for integrating open-access credentials into university degrees
  • To evaluate the means of integrating the online revolution into existing and new revenue models
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