Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ELI Webinar > Beyond the MOOC Hype: Getting Serious About Online Learning > February 11 2013 > 1 PM - 2 PM (ET)

Join Malcolm Brown, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative director, and Veronica Diaz, ELI associate director, as they moderate this webinar with Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill.

For almost two decades, the world of online education has been evolving. Entering 2013, we are presented with a confusing array of educational delivery models. The purpose of this webinar is to give participants a solid foundation regarding what online educational delivery models are out there. Ranging from relatively traditional classrooms to fully online courses, online education is being integrated into the college experience for almost one-third of students. Many of these models, such as massive open online classes (MOOCs), are geared toward accessibility and affordability. Other models focus on personalized learning styles, such as competency-based education. Traditional learning management system providers and textbook publishers are also trying to find their places in this new world, promoting yet other models. We aim to shed light on these approaches so that decision makers and stakeholders can determine the best approach for their colleges and universities while staying true to the missions of their respective institutions.

Special Guests

Michael Feldstein
Ed Tech Consultant and Analyst

Phil Hill
Ed Tech Consultant and Analyst

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