Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Resource: Digital Badges: An Annotated Research Bibliography

A new resource on the newly emerging field of badges and learning is now available on Digital Badges: An Annotated Research Bibliography, contains more than 160 entries and is the first resource of its kind on digital badges.This annotated research bibliography has been curated by Sheryl Grant, Director of Social Networking for the HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition and PhD student at the School of Information and Library Science at UNC-Chapel Hill, and annotated by Kristan E. Shawgo, HASTAC Special Projects Manager and Ci-BER Library Liaison and recent MSLS graduate from SILS at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The bibliography provides an iterative and collaborative scholarly resource to organize the growing body of literature on digital badges, open badges and badge systems. It includes resources from the fields of education, learning sciences, library and information science, communications, sociology, and human-computer interaction -- and incorporates peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed articles, blog posts, news articles, white papers, videos, wikis and FAQs. HASTAC invites submissions of additional sources to expand the universe of knowledge about digital badges.


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