Saturday, March 2, 2013

What's the Matter with MOOCs?: A Critical Conversation

The Center for 21st Century Studies (C21) is hosting a roundtable entitled "What's The Matter With MOOCs? A Critical Conversation." MOOCs (or Massively Open Online Courses) are large-scale online learning communities that charge no fee for classes, often have some form of assessment and certification, but do not offer college credit. The aim of this conversation is to raise questions and concerns that may have been ignored or swept aside in the current rush to MOOCs, both nationally and locally.

"What's the Matter with MOOCs?" is not framed as a debate of the pros and cons of MOOCs, both because the media rhetoric and public discourse on MOOCs has been largely one-sided in its enthusiasm and because, at least in the short run, MOOCs appear here to stay. What we are hoping to do is to raise some questions that need to be addressed before UWM and higher education more generally proceeds to invest their dwindling resources in these online platforms.

Each invited participant will offer a brief statement or position paper in regard to MOOCs as a way to open up a wide-ranging discussion among participants and audience members, giving special attention to how the MOOC phenomenon might affect the work we do at UWM.


  • Gerry Canavan (Assistant Professor of English, Marquette University)
  • Richard Grusin (Director, Center for 21st Century Studies)
  • Greg Jay (Senior Director, Cultures and Communities Program, UWM)
  • Wilhelm Peekhaus (Assistant Professor, SOIS)
  • Kristi Prins (English 101 coordinator/Ph.d. candidate, English department)
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