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Date: May 28, 2013 | Time: 13:00 pm (ET)

Throughout the higher education community, questions continue to swirl about massive open online courses (MOOCs). How are students benefiting by participating in MOOCs? In what ways are colleges and universities integrating MOOCs into their curricula? How can we effectively assess the quality of MOOC learning experiences?

Panelists will explore the opportunities and challenges that come from incorporating MOOC learning experiences into college curricula. The webinar will also offer examples of MOOC integration currently taking place on college campuses.


Daphne Koller / Co-founder of Coursera, Inc., and a Stanford University professor in the department of computer science

Elizabeth Allan / Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Southern Oklahoma, and an ACE CREDIT® faculty reviewer

Barbara Illowsky / Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at De Anza College

Michelle Pilati / Professor of Psychology at Rio Hondo College

Cathy Sandeen
Vice President for Education Attainment and Innovation, ACE (moderator)

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