Thursday, August 15, 2013

CT > MOOC Special Issue > The Rise of MOOCs

  • What Do Massive Open Online Courses Mean for the Future of Higher Education?
  • The MOOC Business Plan
  • With MOOCs still mostly free, course providers are searching for a viable business model.
  • Blended MOOCs: The Best of Both Worlds?
  • Combining in-class instruction with MOOC content may resolve some common MOOC hurdles
  • Assessment Tools for MOOCs
Campus Technology August 2013
  • As MOOCs are made available for credit, scalable assessment options are essential.
  • How to Convert a Class Into a MOOC
  • The sheer size and diversity of the student body in a MOOC require a new approach to teaching.
  • Building a Sense of Community in MOOCs
  • Massive class sizes can breed feelings of isolation, but they can also enable more student interaction.
  • cMOOCs: Putting Collaboration First
  • Alternative MOOC models are fostering creativity and collaboration with peers.
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