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MERLOT JOLT > Special Issue on Massive Open Online Courses

MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
Vol. 9, No. 2, March 2013


  A Message from the MERLOT Executive Director: MOOCs, MERLOT, and Open Educational Services  Gerard L. Hanley

Guest Editors' Preface to the Special Issue on MOOCs: An Academic Perspective on an Emerging Technological and Social Trend  / George Siemens, Valerie Irvine, and Jillianne Code

Research Papers
Patterns of Engagement in Connectivist MOOCs / Colin Milligan, Allison Littlejohn, and Anoush Margaryan

Learner Participation and Engagement in Open Online Courses: Insights from the Peer 2 Peer University / June Ahn, Brian S. Butler, Alisha Alam, Sarah A. Webster

Realigning Higher Education for the 21st Century Learner through Multi-Access Learning
Valerie Irvine, Jillianne Code, and Luke Richards

Case Studies
Wrapping a MOOC: Student Perceptions of an Experiment in Blended Learning  / Derek O. Bruff, Douglas H. Fisher, Kathryn E. McEwen, and Blaine E. Smith

Liminal Participants and Skilled Orienteers: Learner Participation in a MOOC for New Lecturers /
Marion Waite, Jenny Mackness, George Roberts, and Elizabeth Lovegrove

Concept Paper
Evaluating the Strategic and Leadership Challenges of MOOCs / Stephen Marshall

Position Paper
Massiveness + Openness = New Literacies of Participation?  / Bonnie Stewart

The Inside Story: Campus Decision Making in the Wake of the Latest MOOC Tsunami  / Marilyn M. Lombardi


All papers in JOLT are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike License

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