Thursday, February 6, 2014

OpenupEd Quality Label Published

OpenupEd is an open, non-profit partnership on MOOCs. OpenupEd aims to contribute to opening up education to the benefit oflearners and the wider society while reflecting values such as equity, quality and diversity. The vision is to reach out to all those learners who are interested to take part in online higher education in a way that meets their needs and accommodates their situation.

The partnership published a quality label for MOOCs ('OpenupEd label') on 25 January 2014 after a review period. A first draft version of the OpenupEd label was presented on 23 October during a Master class and a slightly improved review version was published on 7 November 2013.

You could use the published OpenupEd label to make an initial assessment on the level of achievement for each benchmark. Note that it is not expected that every benchmark will be achieved by every HEI and a diversity of approaches is welcomed. We embrace the diversity in (institutional) approaches to open up education by the use of MOOCs.

Institutions interested in becoming a partner of OpenupEd should proceed with a self-evaluation on which to base a more detailed review. The label and review are part of the basic conditions for becoming an OpenupEd partner. Supporting documents are sent on request.

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